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Autoshine Express In Edinburgh….

Autoshine Express in Edinburgh addresses any special needs with special regard to being customer friendly, convenient and affordable. We use a combination of our own in house, and Autoglym high quality products and equipment to ensure your complete satisfaction.

More and more people maintain the car they have and why not, they have invested hundreds of pounds in it. Due to this, we use a combination of in house and Autoglym products and equipment to ensure excellent service.

By taking care of your vehicle, you will not only receive more money at the time of sale but also have personal satisfaction of having a clean car.

If you don’t wash, wax valet or polish your car, you can see by the diagram on your right the damage that is caused to the vehicle’s body work, and the importance of always protecting and preventing this from happening it can also provide you with an extra £200 at sale or trade in. We also have an antibacterial process which will rid your vehicle of all nasty niffs and bugs, by killing the bacteria and leaving it smelling as if it had never left the showroom.

Valet & Vehicle Shine Bonuses!

Please use the opt in box to receive valet and vehicle washing bonuses from Autoshine Express

    We also offer Autoglym Lifeshine, which is a 10 year protection on both the interior and exterior of the car. With Autoglym Lifeshine, any spillages on either leather or fabric simply beads and can be wiped away leaving no stains. On the exterior, corrosive elements like bird droppings will not leave a lasting imprint on the paintwork. As a result there is no need for wax or even a sponge, thus saving you even more money.

    Our Staff

    Our staff are fully trained and insured by us and Autoglym to ensure maximum efficiency at all times.

    All times and prices are approximate and vary upon the condition of the vehicle e.g. Pet hair, wood shavings.

    Any individual combination on request. Special Requests – call 0131 443 4884 or contact us through our website.